Membership Agreement

Membership Agreement

The "Free Membership" that opens is filled in somehow and then a step is taken.

Enter the password you did not specify in the relevant field. In your next login, you will receive this password and an e-mail will be sent.

If you log in with your e-mail and login, if you do not enter your e-mail address, you will not be able to join.

I'm reading your interview, I approve." You can get the "members you can complete" by ticking the box.

Membership Agreement
 Your personal data policies regarding your personal data - if you and you give consent for commercial electronic messages. When you select the specified expressions, you can see it. In case of your message given after more commercial electronic messages, it can be done in the transactions specified by you. (Can be transmitted/required by law.) These message menus can access the data related to the left reference of the page, "Privacy Rules-Personal and Communications".

You can press "undo" in case of any error due to our death.

Member Login person's 3rd item can come alive when you have the chance to become a member.

Your membership information will be gone - Membership Information (Membership-texting) (Membership information. Information about a text such as a "private" (in which information is entered as a party) contract for the member will be excluded.