Payment And Delivery

When will the product I purchased be shipped?

All orders placed until 18:00 on weekdays and Saturdays are shipped on the same day, unless the delivery time is specified after the relevant bank pays us. Orders placed on Sunday will be shipped on Monday. Expressions such as 1-3 business days stated during shopping are the delivery times of the cargo company and the estimated average delivery times valid from the day we deliver the product. In case of climatic conditions, extraordinary situations related to the cargo company and insufficient address information of the consumer, the delivery time may be extended.

Is it possible to send the product I bought on two different dates as a single cargo?

Combining products purchased on two different dates into one cargo is not a general practice, and our members are informed about possible products. Cargo holding and/or merging can only be possible under very special product conditions, since it can bring additional loads to the principle of offering you products at the most affordable price with the most appropriate cargo price agreement and the lowest general expenses (personnel and storage), and information about this is announced to all our members. Except for these very special conditions, unfortunately, it is not possible to combine cargo.

With which cargo company will my product be sent?

The products you have purchased are sent with our contracted MNG Cargo.

What are your shipping charges?

Shipping costs are covered by us for credit card and payment at the door. For purchases made with Pay at the Door, the payment commission fee charged by the cargo companies is 5 TL applied to the invoice. It is added to the product price at the last stage of your order.

How many days will my product reach me after it is shipped?

Your order will reach you within 1-3 business days after it is shipped under normal conditions. Any internal problems that may occur will be notified to you via e-mail. We apologize in advance for such inconveniences that we do not want to happen. Since delivery may be made on certain days of the week to some towns, towns and villages with a population below 25,000 and/or without MNG Cargo branches, there may be delays in delivery times to these destinations.

Do you send to TRNC?

We can send to TRNC, you can contact our customer service for information.

Do you ship abroad?

Please contact our customer service for overseas shipments.

Can I come and get the products?

Of course, you can buy the products by coming to our store and trying them out.

The parcel arrived, but could not find anyone at my address. What should I do?

As a result of the agreement we have made with the cargo company, 2 calls will be made to your address, at different times, in order to deliver your cargo. If they cannot reach you as a result of both visits, they will contact you for a third call, subject to an additional fee.

I want to change the address in my shopping that has not been shipped yet?

Please inform our customer service of the delivery and invoice addresses you have specified in your purchases from our site, before entering the product preparation process. I want to change the address in my shopping that has not been shipped yet? You can change the delivery and invoice addresses that you have specified in your purchases from our site, without entering the product preparation process. Just call our customer service.

Since I could not find the address, my parcel was returned. What should I do?

If you inform us about your returned cargo because you cannot be found at the address, via the contact page, your cargo will be re-directed to your address.

My invoice was not delivered with my order. What should I do?

All of the shipped orders are delivered to the courier company with an invoice. There are no invoiced cargoes in any way. Your invoice is delivered to you in a transparent plastic pocket bag located on the outside of the box containing your product, or in this cargo bag if the product was sent with a cargo bag. If the invoice is not delivered to you for any reason, a stamped copy will be sent to your address as soon as possible, if you request it via the contact page. I want my shipments to be made with a different shipping company. If you specify in the additional messages section and if there is a branch of the cargo company in the province where our company is located, your request will be fulfilled.

I want to go and pick up my cargo from the branch myself. Is it possible?

Yes it is possible. However, in order to avoid any mishaps, we recommend that you contact the branch before going to the branch and indicate that you want to receive it from the branch. Otherwise, the product may be delivered to you while you are at the branch.

The delivery of my order has not been made yet. What could be the problem?

You can get detailed information about the whereabouts of your cargo.